1. By using one or more of the fonts available on this platform, you accept the terms of this agreement.
  2. You are not allowed to share or distribute the fonts.
  3. You are allowed to make copies of the fonts you purchased only for archival purposes.
  4. You are not allowed to make modifications to the fonts.
  5. Purchasing a license makes you a licensed user of a font, not an owner.
  6. The fonts are offered on an as-is basis.
  7. All licenses are non-exclusive and non-transferable.
  8. If your use case exceeds the rights of the available licenses, please contact us.
  9. The use of our fonts in any racist, xenophobic, homophobic, transphobic or otherwise discriminating context is prohibited.


If your use case exceeds the available licenses or if you have any questions, please get in touch.

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Standard License

Desktop: 1-3 users
Web: 10k pageviews/month
App: 1k downloads
Social media
✕ Logo
✕ Broadcasting

Extended License

Desktop: 4-25 users
Web: 100k pageviews/month
App: 100k downloads
Social media

Student License

Obtaining a student license allows you to use the fonts for all media and products which are part of your non-commercial university project. You are not allowed to share the fonts with anyone else or use them for any other project than the one you registered them for.

Trial License

The trial fonts must only be used for testing purposes. You are not allowed to publish or sell any work created with them.

Further Explanations


Desktop usage means installing fonts on a computer. Based on your license, a specified number of users within your organisation are allowed to install and use the fonts. The fonts can then be used in Desktop publishing software (such as Adobe InDesign and Illustrator, Microsoft Word, etc.) for use in print, static graphics or animation. Subcontractors outside of your organisation are not covered.


Web usage means embedding fonts on a website with a maximum number of monthly pageviews specified in your license. Every page on the same domain is considered the same website, subdomains included. The font files must be self-hosted on the same domain as the website it is displayed on and embedded via the @font-face technology.


App usage means embedding fonts in a downloadable app for computers, phones, tablets, wearables, etc. Games are also considered apps.

Social media

Social media usage means using fonts for images or videos posted on your social media channels, including Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.


Logo usage means using fonts in your image mark or word mark.


Broadcasting usage means using fonts in broadcast media, including television and streaming.