Jonas Type (formerly Jonas Pelzer Typefaces) is an independent type foundry run by designer & developer Jonas Pelzer.

To stay informed about releases and selected usage examples of our typefaces, you can follow us on Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Our typefaces have been featured in the Yearbook of Type, Typodarium and numerous other publications about graphic design and typography.


How do I buy fonts?

On the respective typeface page, you can choose seperate fonts or the whole family and click the corresponding price tag button. You can select the license you need then.

Sales are handled by Gumroad, accepted payment methods are PayPal and credit card. VAT will be added if applicable.

Do you offer free trial fonts?

Sure, you can download the free trial fonts on the respective typeface page.

Can I download newer versions of the fonts I bought?

Yes, after you purchased a license, you can always download the latest version of the font files. Just make sure to store your download link.

Why does my download link not work anymore?

This might have happened after we updated our licensing model in October 2022. Please get in touch and we will provide you with a new download link.

Why does my license not exist anymore?

If you purchased a license before we changed our licensing model in October 2022, it is automatically upgraded:

Desktop licenses for up to 3 users and web licenses for up to 10k pageviews entitle you to use our new Standard License.

Any license bigger than that entitles you to use our new Extended License.

I previously purchased one of your fonts through a different platform, can I update it?

Of course! Please get in touch, we will send you a download link to the latest version.

How do I buy variable fonts?

Variable fonts are included in the font families.

How can I upgrade my license?

If you purchased a Standard License and want to upgrade to an Extended License, please get in touch and we will provide you with an upgrade link.

The fonts do not work or look the way I expected, what can I do?

Please contact us and we will see what we can do.

Before purchasing a license, please make sure to double-check the character set and download the trial fonts so that you can be sure the font suits your needs.

Can I show you what I created with your typeface?

Yes please! Feel free to submit your project to Fonts In Use or send us an email. We’re looking forward to seeing your work!

Do you offer bespoke typefaces?

No, but we can refer you to some great people who do.

Anything else you can do for me?

We are happy to offer typographic consultation for your design projects.

Is there a student discount?

If you’re working on a university project, you can request a free educational license on the student page. If you’re working on a commercial project as a student, please get in touch for a discount.

Are there any discounts for good causes?

Yes! We support educational, social and environmental organizations, charities and non-profits with free licenses. Please reach out.